Life Enrichment Center is a private, non-profit community-based center for adults in the Tampa Bay areaand one of few of its kind nationwide.  It is the only agency providing classes specifically for active adults, from the baby-boom generation and older.

           The Center provides more than 40 innovative classes ranging from creative endeavors, such as contemporary dance, art, and digital photography, to academic classes including creative writing, computers and Spanish, and fitness classes such as tai chi and low impact exercises.  Classes are offered weekdays, evenings, and weekends and are taught by certified instructors and professionals from the business and academic community.  The Center strives to keep its classes unique and exciting and is always looking for new courses and qualified instructors to enhance its program.

        Life Enrichment Center is funded by private donations, grants, corporate sponsors, civic groups and fundraising events.  All donations are tax deductible.
            For more information, contact: Ronna Metcalf, Executive Director
Your tax-deductible contribution to Life Enrichment Center is much appreciated.
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Executive Director
Ronna J. Metcalf  
Office Assistant
Carol Probst 
Board of Trustees
T.J.Couch, Jr.

James R. Kallaher, II
Elizabeth Cos
Ezra Ochshorn
William C. Bargren
Martin Bubley, Esq.
Zanita Chastain
Mark Downing
Sgt. Lisa Duboard
Dawn Johnson
Cathy McEvoy, Ph.D.
Charles Miranda
Mark Moberg
Eric Most
Rick Nardelli
Honorary Board Member
Jan Platt
Heywood A. Turner
North Tampa Chamber of Commerce
Florida Aging Services Providers
National Council on Aging:
     National Institute of Senior Centers
Florida Council on Aging:
     Florida Association of Senior Centers